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Meet the Artist/Owner


Jessica Victoria is an artist that studies a variety of tattoo styles out of Brantford, Ontario. She is the owner of Jinkies Tattoos, where she has an appointment based Tattoo Studio. Jessica is working on multiple ways to grow her skills and business every day.


Jessica was born in 1996 in Hamilton, Ontario. She was exposed to a creative lifestyle by the women in her family through various art forms.

She began finding an interest at tattoos at 14, and began her Apprenticeship at 16, and has now been in the tattoo industry for 9 years.

Since then, Jessica has been tattooing for three years full time. She has been developing and expanding her form since. She is currently operatinging Jinkies Tattoos inside of Back in Time Comics and Collectibles, bringing her passions of tattoos and comics together to share with the world.

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